These are some of JB Priestley’s works published over time, his output was prolific over many years.


Bright Day


Doomsday Men

English Journey

Salt Is Leaving

Saturn Over Water

Shapes Of Sleep

The Image Men

The Magicians

The Other Place

The Thirty First Of June

Time And The Conways

When We Are Married

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The Good Companions (1957)

Sunday 24 November at 1:15pm Square Chapel, Halifax Starring Jeanette Scott, John Fraser, Eric Portman, Celia Johnson With an introduction and a small exhibition curated by the JB Priestley Society  Adapted from J.B. Priestley’s famous novel charting the ups and downs of a struggling touring concert party, this endearing musical comedy features an outstanding array of

Smoking pipes JB Priestley Society

The J.B. Priestley Society’s Open One-day Conference

J.B. PRIESTLEY: EXPERIMENTAL DRAMATIST At the International Anthony Burgess Foundation The Engine House, Chorlton Mill, Cambridge Street, Manchester Saturday 6 April 2019, 10.00-16.30 (Tea and coffee available from 09.30) The keynote conference lecture will be given by the internationally-renowned author on modern spirituality Anthony Peake, whose most recent book Time and the Rose Garden discusses

J.B. Priestley : the Other Stratford Writer 28/04/19

At the Stratford Playhouse 12.30 – 1.30pm Rosalie Batten’s book ‘Priestley at Kissing Tree House’ is an evocative account of her times as Priestley’s secretary in the house near Stratford. Her daughter Sophie Fyson will be joined by Broadcaster and writer Barry Cryer, and JBP Society Chair Lee Hanson for this fascinating discussion and insights

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