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The JB Priestley Society was established in 1997, when a group of JBP enthusiasts decided that they wanted to enjoy and promote his work. Other literary figures had their Society’s and it was fitting that JBP should be recognised in the same way. The group were encouraged in their initiative by JBP’s son, Tom Priestley, who remains involved in the Society’s activities.

JB Priestley is a national and international literary figure who is still widely read. His plays and their messages continue to resonate with our modern world and are produced all over the globe.

The aims of the Society penned in 1997 still hold good and we delight in sharing our insights about the great man and his work. We hope that this website might inspire you to join us. Please explore and learn a little more.

Its aims are threefold:

  • To widen the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Priestley’s literary and other published works.
  • To promote the study of his life and career, and the social, cultural and political forces which influenced him.
  • To provide members of the Society and all interested people opportunities to share experience and knowledge of his works, his life, and his career.

The Society promotes its Aims in a number of ways:

  • Hold lectures, seminars, conferences and other events including the exhibition of films and video-cassettes.
  • Publish newsletters, journals, monographs and other written material, and promote the public performance of Priestley’s work.
  • Encourage and assist with education projects relating to Priestley’s life and work.
  • Promote the production, distribution, exhibition and availability of books, films, photographs and other associated material.

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Smoking pipes JB Priestley Society

The J.B. Priestley Society’s Open One-day Conference

J.B. PRIESTLEY: EXPERIMENTAL DRAMATIST At the International Anthony Burgess Foundation The Engine House, Chorlton Mill, Cambridge Street, Manchester Saturday 6 April 2019, 10.00-16.30 (Tea and coffee available from 09.30) The keynote conference lecture will be given by the internationally-renowned author on modern spirituality Anthony Peake, whose most recent book Time and the Rose Garden discusses

J.B. Priestley : the Other Stratford Writer 28/04/19

At the Stratford Playhouse 12.30 – 1.30pm Rosalie Batten’s book ‘Priestley at Kissing Tree House’ is an evocative account of her times as Priestley’s secretary in the house near Stratford. Her daughter Sophie Fyson will be joined by Broadcaster and writer Barry Cryer, and JBP Society Chair Lee Hanson for this fascinating discussion and insights

J.B. Priestley Society AGM 2019

The Society’s AGM took place on the 3 March 2019. Former MP and JBP Society member Austin Mitchell gave a talk ‘Priestley and The People in Wartime’. Austin has engrossed himself in the Priestley wartime broadcasts and provided some new insights into the political dynamics of the time and in particular Churchills views of JBP’s

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J B Priestley, who had served with 10th West Ridings at the Battle of Loos, later recalled his experience, "Once up the ladders and out of the trench I felt a cat would not live five minutes. But the luck was in - I had a lucky war -

Today, 13th September 2019, would have been J.B. Priestley's 125th birthday. His remarkable collection of work and contribution to society are always worth celebrating. @gnbooks are proud to publish #jbpriestley

JB Priestley, grand old grumbler, dies at 89 – archive, 16 August 1984 | Stage | The Guardian https://t.co/43rjv3Pr03

J.B. Priestley died on this day in 1984. The Bradford City Hall bells tolled his passing as a mark of respect. Here is a now famous line from his play, An Inspector Calls: ‘We don't live alone ... We are responsible for each other.' #JBPriestley

J.B. Priestley, in training with 10th West Ridings at Bramshott Camp, wrote to his family with news of a possible posting overseas, "We have not gone out yet, as you see, but we have rumours – thousands upon thousands of them. We have received strict orders that,

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